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(ae jəl) (ae jaIl) (aj-uh l) (aj-ahyl) (aj əl)

Part of Speech:


1. Quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe: quick and graceful in physical movement; nimble.

2. Marked by an ability to think quickly; mentally astute or aware; quick in mind, alert

3. Active; lively:


1. The USA gymnastic team is agile when they compete in bars, beam, vault and floor exercises.

Gymnasts need to be very agile.

2. He has an agile mind and can quickly solve your riddle

Her agile thinking in math class helps her complete assignments very quickly.

3. His agility is an asset when he is climbing.

Synonyms and Antonyms:

Def. 1: nimble, sprightly, Brisk, spry, lissome, lithe, supple, light-footed, fleet, graceful,

Def. 2: alert, keen, nimble, on the ball, quick, quick-witted, sharp

Def. 1:awkward, sluggish, stiff, and lethargic.
Def. 2: slow

Similar Words:

Def. 1: active, athletic, brisk, deft, dextrous, quick, sprightly, swift
Def. 2: active adroit, apt, astute, clever, dextrous, lively

Related Words:

airy, clever, fleet, ready

agility- noun (n)
agilely- adverb (adv.),
agileness - noun (n.)

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