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Word: Pamper

Pronunciation: [pam-per]

Part of speech: verb


1. to be overindulgent with; give in easily to the wishes of; coddle: to pamper a child; to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness, or care: to pamper a child; to pamper one's stomach.

2. Archaic. to overfeed, to feed too much especially with very rich food; gratify to excess; glut.

3. to treat or please with too much care, attention, or indulgence treat with too much care and attention treat (someone or something) very well : to give (someone or something) a lot of attention and care

6. archaic : to cram with rich food : to treat with extreme or excessive care and attention

7. To pamper is to spoil or indulge.

Sample sentences:

She loves to pamper her dog with special treats.

If you continue to pamper that child, he'll grow up lazy.

Sometimes you need a fancy camera bag, with a tripod strap and little slots with which to pamper your memory cards.

Variations of the word:

pamperedly, adverb

pamperedness, noun

pamperer, noun