Jobs and/or Roles of this Social Scientist* What kinds of topics and artifacts might this social scientist study?
  • What kinds of jobs might this social scientist have?
*Help study people on the Welfare System

*Study the Banking System

*Identify how people decide what to buy

*How advertisements lure people into how they spend or save their money.

  • What (if anything) might this social scientist make?

Questions this Social Scientist Might Ask In the space below, we will make a list of the kinds of questions that we think this social scientist might ask.

Why do we have so many different types of money?

How much do other countries spend compared to the USA?

What are the top goods and services that China provides to the USA?

How will the goods and services be made or produced?

How much money is spent in the USA everyday?

What does our budget look like compare it other countries?

How do the banks compare globally?

How much money does "Mint" of the government spend on making money for the USA?

How much money does the average person make during their work day?

*How people buy and sell things

*Coins and dollar bills

*Economists will study the past to make our future better

*Study different price tags that people put on items they want to sell

*The study the economy of cities, states, and countries

*Economist study how people use coupons or other methods to save money.

*Economist study how the older communities live during retirement.

*Propose a plan to better retirement programs for the people.